Oil Heating Fuel Prices Change Daily

Oil prices are influenced by a variety of factors which include supply and demand, production costs, political turmoil, and even interest rates. We offer Competitive Oil Rates and three Pricing Plans to accommodate the fluctuation in the market. These rates change daily, so give us a call 203.869.5869 or email pauls@neoil.net to get the most current price available.

Oil Heating Fuel Pricing Options

Fixed Price Plan

This plan will allow you to secure your choice of gallons at a specific price. 

  • This plan protects against dramatic increases in fuel costs. 
  • This plan does not provide down side protection should oil prices drop.
  • Fuel prices for Fixed Price Plan will be fixed and set for an exact number of gallons for the heating season.
  • Automatic Delivery

Blended Price Plan

This plan allows you to lock in 50% of your oil gallons and 50% will be billed at the street price.

  • Each delivery will reflect an average blended rate of 50% fixed and 50% floating price.
  • The volatility of the street price will cause your delivery rate to average higher or lower than the fixed portion you secured.
  • You have the option of securing the remaining gallons at a future opportunity to average into one fixed rate for the remaining gallons.
  • Automatic Delivery

Capped Price Protection Plan

Cap Oil Pricing Protection Plans are good for people willing to pay a small fee to guarantee their heating oil prices will not go higher than the cap price, but also get the benefit of paying a lower price should prices go down. We would be happy to discuss our lock in programs for heating oil in Greenwich. Just give us a call.

EZ Pay Budget Plans

All of the above programs are eligible for our EZ Pay budget plan. Please complete our application to open a new account. 

Completed account application can be emailed to Lenith Hanley, lh@neoil.net

NETE Oil Propane Account Application writable (pdf)


Propane Fuel Options

Propane Heating Fuel

Propane is an incredibly versatile fuel. It can be used to heat your home, power your stove and drier, but also your water heater, barbecue and pool. Switching to propane for your appliances can save up to 50% on your electric bills. 

New England Total Energy delivers propane, installs and leases tanks. We also partner with WESROC remote fuel monitoring system, so we can constantly track your usage. 

Please email Kris O'Brien at ko@neoil.net for current pricing.

Please read these important tips about Propane Safety.


Diesel Fleet Fueling

Diesel Fuel

We deliver off-road diesel fuel to fleets. Our company offers wholesale & retail delivery, construction/on site fueling, fleet fueling, emergency fueling management and fuel tank service.

Please email Vince Fiorito at vf@neoil.net for current pricing.